Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Seth's week off!

Seth had Easter week off work and it was amazing! He works so hard and because of that, often we don't get to spend more than an hour together a day, so Caleb and I were both very excited to have him all to ourselves for a WHOLE WEEK!

We didn't really do anything huge during that week. On one of the days, we went into London to play. It was such a beautiful, sunny day. I love London in the sun, it makes walking around so much nicer. And we did walk everywhere! It's so much easier than struggling up and down stairs of underground stations with a pram. Caleb was awake and alert the entire time we were there, he was taking it all in. For some of the time, he was in his baby sling which he loves as it meant he could look around more. He only fell asleep when we were walking home from the train station.

Being as though Seth has been so busy with everything lately, not much decorating has been done in the house, so the rest of the week was spent painting Caleb's room. Caleb was kicked out of his room and he was sleeping in the lounge for a few days. We would put him on our bed to go to sleep and then when we went to bed, we would transfer him to his cot in the lounge. In case you were wondering. Which you probably weren't. Anyway.... Seth wouldn't let me help paint as my wrists were still recovering, so once Caleb was in bed, I would sit in there with Seth and keep him company. He would be painting until around 1am so we were just chatting for hours, it was lovely! He ran out of paint with only a tiny bit of wall left, which was a bit annoying so we went out to buy more so that he could finish the job. He also sanded down all of the walls before he painted them to make them smooth. There was dust everywhere, but I was just amused by the fact that Seth had grey hair as a result!

As I said, my wrists were still recovering, which meant that even though Seth was on holiday for that week, it was also a bit of a holiday for me too as he didn't let me do anything around the house, he did all the cooking, washing up, preparing Caleb's food, it was great. Here we are all hanging out in the kitchen while he was making mashed apples for Caleb.

Like I said, we didn't do anything major that week at all, but it was so lovely to just all be together. I love my little family!


  1. Sounds lovely. Doing nothing much but doing it together is wonderful isn't it? And I love that you took a photo of Seth as he will be at age 60!!!

  2. I love the two of them on the floor cooking!

  3. This is a beautiful family time together. Sooo special. I love the way Caleb is looking at his Daddy and he looks so happy in your arms Kirsty. I am so proud of you three. xxx