Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Night out in London

A couple of weeks ago, Laura and Mum were down visiting me for a couple of days. I love having them down with me, especially at the moment as Seth's exams are coming up and he is spending every moment that he is not at work studying for them. Which is pretty rubbish for me and Caleb as we don't really get to see him. However it's also good because Mum and Lau come to keep us company!

On the Saturday, we went shopping at the designer outlet in Ashford (purchases may have been made!). Mum then left on Saturday evening and Laura and I went into London to meet up with a couple of friends, Lorraine and Hedylamar. Laura had served an 18 month mission for our church at Temple Square in Salt Lake City almost ten years ago with both girls. Hedylamar was over visiting from Spain. Laura hadn't seen her since the mission and it was the first time I met her. She is the nicest girl, it was lovely getting to know her. Even though Laura was on her mission with Lorraine, I met her when we were both counsellors for a youth conference and we have been friends since. It was a lovely evening to be in London as it was sunny and as always, bustling. I have been to London so many times and I never grow tired of it, I love it (as you can probably tell from any of my posts that talk about London but I think it's a great city!) We walked through Trafalgar Square to Leicester Square and Picadilly, then went for dinner in a lovely Mexican restaurant close to Covent Garden. As far as I am concerned, it ranks highly as they serve gorgeous non-alcoholic pina coladas - always a plus! Afterwards, we walked through Covent Garden to see the Royal Opera House (I really want to go to see the ballet there one day!) and then headed back to Leicester Square. They have a Haagen Dazs restaurant there, and being as though it's there, it would have been rude of us not to go there for dessert! If you haven't been there before, I highly recommend it! Their menu is a book of all of the different desserts they do. I think I could have quite happily had all of them but thought better of it! I opted for the brownie explosion, which was divine.

I hadn't planned on going out with the girls that night, I pretty much gatecrashed but I am so glad I did as we had so much fun. As much as I love my boys, it was lovely having an evening with the girls!


  1. Sounds like you had a great time! :)

  2. I never imagined I was going to have such a great time with you girls. I loved your post about it Kirsty!!!! Love your blog by the way!!!! Lots of love always!

  3. Do you know how amazing it is that you can just... spend the day in London?! I mean WOW! I hope to travel all over Europe someday :) It's so cool to me that it's just your every day life, ha ha!
    Sounds like a great day with the girls!