Monday, 10 June 2013


My nephew, Jamie got married at the end of May. I have been meaning to blog about it since it happened but I was kind of putting it off because it was such a great day and there was so much to write about that I didn't know where to start but I thought I should probably finally do it! I'm using my journal to help me write this but I shall definitely be condensing as I wrote 10 pages about the day! So this is a bit more of a summary :).

Jamie is my oldest nephew and I am only three years older than him. Even though I am the youngest of all my sisters, in some ways it doesn't really feel like it because some of my nephews and nieces are so close to me in age and so they seem more like younger siblings. I remember when Laura and I took Jamie to his football game when  he was younger and the coach told him to stop chatting with his girlfriends and to go and play.When Jamie told him we were his aunties, he made him run laps for being cheeky as he thought Jamie was lying. Jamie and I have a relationship that seems to consist of pretty much always ripping on each other. Not in a nasty way though, we both have fun with it and whenever we are together, it's always constant jibing. I was pretty excited when he phoned me in the New Year to tell me that he had just gotten engaged to his lovely girlfriend, Lauren. I had only met Lauren a couple of times (due to me not living in Norwich anymore and conflicting schedules we seem to all find it a lot harder to get together these days!) but she is a great girl, and they are a great couple.

The wedding was held at Dragon Hall in Norwich. It's a medieval merchants hall and it was a beautiful setting for their day. Seth, Caleb and I arrived about 40 minutes early and we saw Jamie as soon as we came in, looking very dapper in his top hat and cane in hand! He was pretty excited, although you could tell he was fairly nervous too (the deep breaths every few seconds were a bit of a giveaway!). We went upstairs to where the ceremony would be taking place, and where Laura was in position at the piano, playing the prelude music. I love that Jamie chose the music, I think in amongst it was music from Harry Potter, the Rocky theme tune and Superman, to name a few. I'm not sure how many of the other guests noticed but it amused us! As you can see, Laura was amused as she was playing. And no, she wasn't playing Pride and Prejudice music at the time, the other music is in front of the book, for anyone who is paying close attention.


The wedding ceremony was lovely. I was watching Jamie's face as Lauren walked down the aisle and he was so overjoyed. Lauren was every bit the beautiful bride, she looked amazing. The ceremony was very personal to them as they had written vows for each other. I don't think I've ever been to a wedding where the bride and groom had done that but it was so beautiful.

My niece Tor (the blonde one) rocking her bridesmaid dress.

Jamie seeing his bride for the first time. 

It's official!

One of the best men, My nephew Ben with Tor
After the ceremony, we all went outside for photos. There's nothing like a family wedding to get lots of pictures of everyone together!





My lovely Mum, known to the grandkids as Grams, Moo, G-Ma and The Don

Jamie with his Aunties

The reception was fun and in my opinion, I was at the best table in the room - Seth, Caleb and I, Mum, Laura, Deb and her partner Paul, Lin and Steve. It was lovely to be with them all again. You know when you go to weddings and the speeches can sometimes go on and on and on? This wasn't one of those weddings! Lauren's Dad gave a beautiful speech and in it he said how he had started to think about the speech as soon as Lauren was born, so it was 25 years in the making. My nephew, Ben's best man speech was one of the best  have heard, there were no embarrassing stories, which I'm sure Jamie was glad about because I am sure Ben had ample ammunition! He spoke about Jamie and Lauren being there for and supporting one another, it was very sweet. Jamie's speech was beautiful, he, of course said some lovely things about his bride but he also said some wonderful things about Deb and what an amazing Mum she is. Deb was crying and had her face turned away from him and he made a joke that she could at least look at him when he was talking to her. He seemed so grown up, I can't believe that he is now a married man!

Jamie and Lauren came over to our table and had a play with Caleb, which he loved! Lauren held him and the whole time I was chanting in my head, "don't be sick on her dress, don't be sick on her dress!" Luckily he wasn't, and Lauren is so lovely anyway that she wouldn't have made a big fuss even if he had been! Still, I was relieved!


There was a lot of dancing and I am proud to say that, even in my six inch heels, I managed to dance the night away. It was so great to be with my family and get my groove on, ha ha! It has been a while! I was amazed at how easy Lauren made dancing in a wedding dress look, she was dancing away with everyone. It really was such a perfect wedding and it was lovely to see Jamie and my new niece so happy.


  1. It really was one of the loveliest weddings I have been to. And to think she made her family debut at Rachel's wedding!!!

  2. What beautiful pictures of you all!

  3. Thanks Laura! It's nice to be able to get pictures of everyone together!