Monday, 20 January 2014

Precious moments

Yesterday, Caleb, Seth and I all had dinner together. We don't really get to do this at any time other than Sundays so it is always such a novelty to be able to sit around the table and eat together!

Caleb isn't the greatest eater in the world and never has been. He would quite happily just live on milk if we let him, he's really not that bothered about food. Even up to just a couple of weeks ago, we had to use all manner of distractions to try and get him to eat his food. It got to the point where it was getting a bit crazy though so we stopped with all of the distractions and just gave him dinner. The first couple of times was pretty difficult but he is so much better now than he was. There are still times when he needs a little distraction to encourage him to eat dinner though!

Seth and I had finished our dinner and as Caleb was still eating, we pulled up the youtube video, "Let it go" from the new disney film, Frozen and he watched that while he ate. My hand was resting on his highchair tray as he was watching it. Then, he picked up my hand, put it in his own little hand and held it, looked at me and gave me the most beautiful smile and carried on watching the video and eating. My heart melted a little and I got slightly misty eyed, I must say! It was one of those moments where I just felt so much love for him and really felt how much he loved me too. I love being a mother to that beautiful little boy.


  1. Oh my heart!! How SWEET! I love how in tune kids can be with love and nurture! Clearly something from that video made him think of his love for you!! Ah!
    And that picture is totally PERFECT!

  2. Oh Kirsty. That is so beautiful . He is such a gorgeous little boy and something in the music or the words of the song touched his heart and you felt his love. Wonderful xx

  3. Awwww what a cutie! Don't you just wanna eat them up when they do stuff like that! Haha

  4. I would love to know the thoughts that go on in their heads in moments like that, wouldn't you? Bless his heart!