Wednesday, 8 January 2014


I can't believe that I have not blogged about this yet, especially given that it happened in the summer! I am such a slacker but alas I am blogging about it now so all is well.

When I got pregnant with Caleb, Laura (my sister) said that she wanted to buy the baby some Toms, Cons or Vans. The little baby ones look so adorable! We are also both fans of all of the aforementioned makes and we have at least one of each ourselves so it's like carrying on the tradition with the next generation! However we decided that it made more sense to wait until Caleb was actually walking or fairly close to it before we got them.

Before I continue, there is something that I must explain. Laura is a trainers fanatic! She's sporty so she has always been into her tennis trainers and running shoes but she also skateboards hence her love of Vans, etc. When we were younger, she used to have a file filled with pictures of trainers and to this day she still knows the particular make, style and design of pretty much any tennis or running shoe in any sports shop! Before I got married, Laura and I shared a bedroom and she had loads of shoe boxes everywhere, I think she owned around 30 pairs at one point! So, Laura buying Caleb his first pair of shoes was a big deal :).

One day in the summer Laura was visiting us and we went shopping in Bluewater. It was so much fun going around the shops with Caleb and trying on the various shoes. He wasn't all that interested in the Toms or the Cons but, I kid you not, his face lit up when we went into the Vans store and he (I) put the bright red Vans on his feet. He kept looking at his feet and grinning.

Needless to say, those were the shoes that were purchased. For the rest of that day he was walking around (holding our hands as he couldn't walk on his own at that point), smiling proudly and every so often, looking at his feet to admire his new shoes.

Even though he has had his shoes for a while now (and they still fit!), he still loves them and he will often be wandering around the house, holding them in his hand saying "shoooooooee". I think they were a successful present!


  1. I said to Laura very recently - I think it was on our Salzburg trip - "Do you still pour over trainer catalogues like you used to?" To which she replied, "NO!...... they're all online now!"

  2. Yes !! So typical of Laura and we know that my darling Caleb just loves his Vans (and Laura ) Love this post Kirsty xx

  3. Oh that is PRECIOUS! And kids really are so opinionated at these young ages so I have no doubt his love for these shoes will last forever :) So cute!