Monday, 17 February 2014


February has always been a crazy month for Birthdays in my family, but since I got married to Seth, it's only become worse! It seems like everyone is born in February! And now we have two new additions to the month of February.

My niece Rachel's baby was due on the 3rd February. She had no idea what she was having as she wanted a surprise but she was very eager for her baby to come and a week before her due date, she was texting me and asking me for suggestions on ways so bring on contractions, etc. We had guessed the date that the baby would be born on, the sex, name and the weight in our family and my guess was that it would be a boy born on 31st January, his name would be Isaac and he would weigh 9lb 4oz (note that I wasn't actually wishing this weight upon Rach but her bump was HUGE throughout her pregnancy and so I only assumed that she would have a big baby!).

 See what I mean? That bump ain't small! This was taken at 38 weeks.

My guess on the date was out by a couple of hours, Isaac was born on 1 February at 2.50am weighing 8lb 8oz. At least I got the sex and the name right, right? Even though I wasn't actually there with Rachel I felt a part of it all as she was messaging me throughout her labour and I knew pretty much every stage of what was going on. I think we last messaged at around 11pm the night he was born and she was feeling really discouraged as she was only 1xm dilated, then the message I got was at around 5am to say that she had had him, sans any sort of pain relief! I haven't had the chance to meet little Isaac yet - I was meant to go down on Tuesday but due to a chest infection I couldn't go, which I was gutted about - but I have seen the photos and he is adorable! He has dark hair and chubby cheeks and he is perfect! I can't wait to meet my great nephew, I'm hoping I will be able to see him in the flesh in the next week or so, this great Auntie needs some cuddles!

My sister in law, April's baby was due around about the same time as Rach's baby, give or take a day. She already knew she was having a boy so we were guessing the date and the weight for him. I guessed that he would be born on 8th February, weighing 7lb 7oz. Her little man came around a week late and was born on 11th February, weighing 7lb 7oz. How good am I that I called the weight?! April's bump was pretty small throughout her pregnancy, maybe it's because she's tall so she didn't look that big, I don't know but I just didn't think she would have a huge baby. They called him Noah Christopher (I love the name Noah and it was one of my favourites should I have a boy again the next time round - I guess I'm not having it now!). Again, I have yet to meet him but I'm looking forward to it.

So that brings the total between our families up to 9 Birthdays in February! From now on, everyone in our families is forbidden to have any more babies during that month, okay? Good. But with that said, I can't wait to meet the newbies!!


  1. Lovely blog my Kirsty. Yes indeed February is a busy month for our family birthdays.

  2. That is a ton of birthdays in Feb! But I love the babies!! So sweet! So many for you to love on :)