Wednesday, 26 February 2014

My boy loves his music

I have pretty much always known that Caleb likes music in some way. I used to sing to him when I was pregnant with him and I always sang to him when I rocked him to sleep when he was younger. I love music and am always listening to it so I suppose it stands to reason that it might rub off on him as well. When I play the piano, he will always come over and join in.

 Or indeed, kick me off it so he can play....

When the radio is on in the car, he will try to sing along to the songs and when music is playing on my phone, he will walk around the house with the phone in his hand, singing and dancing. His favourite songs are:

1. "Royals" by Lorde. He sings the "royals" echo in the chorus and likes the "ohs"too.
2. "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men. He sings the "hey" and throws his hand up in the air. Laura 
 introduced this song to him a while ago and he has loved it every since.
3.  "Ho Hey" by the Lumineers. He sings the Hos and the Heys and jumps in the air as he sings them. Well,
he tends to shout them, it's really cute.
4. "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. Caleb and I went down to Trowbridge yesterday to visit my niece Rachel and her new baby boy, Isaac (more on that in another post once I've uploaded the photos!) and he was really unhappy on the journey.We heard this song on the radio loads during the course of the journey and each time it came on, he stopped crying and clapped his hands.
5. "Bohemian Like You". He really like the "ooh ooh oo-ooh"s in the chorus and sings them as loud as he can.

I love that at such a young age he likes music so much, it makes me so happy! I hope he will still continue to like it as he gets older and maybe play an instrument too.

In other Caleb news, he is growing and developing so much, I wonder sometimes where my baby has gone! He talks a lot and he knows around 85 words (I made a list of the ones I could remember yesterday and I think I am probably missing quite a lot, it's probably closer to 100). He absolutely adores his Grandma and when I'm on the phone to her, she's always on speaker so that Caleb can "talk" to her as well. He likes to kiss the screen as the picture of her comes up. He's recently discovered the photo of "papa" (my Dad - all of the grandchildren call him papa and Caleb is no exception to this) and he can often be found walking around the house holding it, saying "papa" and kissing the picture. He loves spending time with his Daddy and he has also taken to walking around the house with a picture of him too, he tends to alternate between Seth and my Dad :) I know I've said it before but I love seeing him grow and develop, he's just the best boy ever and I'm so glad he's mine.


  1. Oh my Kirsty You are such a wonderful Mummy and teach him so much. He is so clever, says so many words and sings beautifully. He is pitch perfect. I love to hear him on the phone and especially when he says "bye" and blows me a kiss.

  2. Oh this is the CUTEST!! He is such a smart boy and you are an amaaaaaazing mommy!