Sunday, 23 March 2014

That time we were in a documentary......

My friend Naomi works as a production assistant for a production company and a couple of weeks ago, she emailed me to ask me if Seth, Caleb and I wanted to be extras in a documentary about the life of Handel, which was being filmed for BYU TV. It was pretty random but neither or us have ever done anything like that before and it sounded like fun so we said yes! It was also being filmed at Dover Castle and we had been wanting to go to see that castle for a while so it was a great opportunity to get to go there too. Seth took the day off work and we, with our friends Paige and Luke, headed to Dover.

The day we went was pretty cold and we felt it especially, being on the coast! The castle is incredible, you can see it from the distance and it is just huge!

We want to go back again at some other point to be able to explore it properly. We were pretty excited to be there, who doesn't love getting dressed up in period costumes? Anyone? Some of our other friends had arrived earlier and they were already in their costumes and had their make up on. They were meant to be prisoners and so their clothes were filthy and they had dirt all over their faces but they looked great :). Our roles were to be the families of those in prison so our costumes still weren't glamorous but we weren't quite so dirty! We were just enjoying posing and taking pictures in our costumes...

I was given a pretty cool dark green cloak to wear later on, it was amazing! Sadly I didn't get any pictures of me wearing that but I quite liked it!

Our part was pretty much a blink and you'll miss it part, we greeted our "family member" as he was being released from prison. This guy who we didn't know had to run over to us and hug us. Every time he did, Caleb would burst into tears, I don't think he liked him very much!! There were quite a few takes of that particular scene, I'm not sure if they were just trying to get a take in which Caleb wasn't crying, ha ha! He was in my arms for about 45 minutes, which, if you know my wriggly 19 month old, he really didn't love. He had to be held as they didn't have a costume in his size so he had to be wrapped in a shawl to cover his trousers (we took off his bright red Vans too, apparently they didn't fit the period, who knew??!) and he had to wear a bonnet! He looked so cute although everyone thought he was a girl. Needless to say, I took pictures of that. No doubt it will be used in later years to torture him!

So basically, we got to spend a day dressed up, hanging out at a castle, we had lunch and we got paid for it too. It was a pretty fun day! 


  1. These photos are wonderful. Although it was cold it looks as if you had a great time. You and Seth really look "the part". and I just want to cuddle my precious Caleb all wrapped up in his blanket. Good photo of him and Seth. Love you all xxx

  2. What a NEAT experience!! It looks so gorgeous there!
    And I am dying over his bonnet! Too cute!

  3. This is so cool, what a memorable experience!!

  4. Hi my husband and son Gary and Toby Cordes and friend Pam Mudge-Wood were also there. Gary played the Mystery Man (do you remember him?) who was the benefactors and Toby and Pam played a son and mother waiting for the father to be released from debtors' prison - a great day! Maddie