Tuesday, 1 April 2014


A few months ago, Laura told me that she was going to Portugal and asked me if I would like to join her for a few days. She said that she would pay for my flights and everything (anyone who knows Laura knows that she is actually the most generous person ever! And no, I'm not just saying that because she will probably be reading this!), so after thinking about it for about one minute, I said yes! I was a little apprehensive about leaving Caleb behind for 5 days as I have never been apart from him for more than a few hours at a time and even that's rare! However, Seth was taking time off work to spend with Caleb so I knew that I would have nothing to worry about and that the boys would have fun while I was away. The last time Laura and I went on holiday together was in September 2008 when we went to San Diego together (our last hurrah before Seth and I got married the following year) so needless to say, I was really excited to be going away with Lau again.

We had SO much fun! The resort we were staying at was amazing. It had pretty much everything you could wish for. As it was still pretty early on in the season there weren't that many tourists about so it felt like we pretty much had the run of the place. Breakfasts were always great, not just because of the lovely food (pastries anyone?) but the view was incredible, the restaurant overlooked the resort pool, out towards the sea. Who wouldn't want to see that every morning when eating breakfast?!

The spa was incredible. We had a hydrotherapy session which I've never had before, you basically sit in what looks like an enclosed bathtub and get pummelled with jets of cold, then warm water all at different times, all over your body. It was so nice, I could happily have a hydrotherapy session every day! We went to the spa a couple of times, I was a little bit obsessed with the submerged sunbeds with jets of water coming out, so lovely. I have a story to tell about the spa! I guess different people and places have different rules when it comes to the apparel you wear when going into a steam room and sauna. In our one, you have to wear swimwear (thank goodness! Really didn't want to be naked!). However, one guy just decided to waive those rules. He was casually strolling along the side of his pool au naturale and then he went into the steam room. I dared Laura to go and join him and to stay in there for 1 minute. So she did it! She claims that she was in there for about 3 minutes, but she wasn't. It amused me more than somewhat! A little later on Laura and I wanted to go into the sauna but the naked man was laying on a lounger right outside and I didn't want to walk past him, I was pretty much collapsed against the wall just behind where he was, laughing. Because I'm such a grown up like that!

On one of my days there we went to Sagres. They have a few really cool surf shops there (I don't surf, Laura does. I just like the clothes!). It is a lovely place, we walked around the remains of an old fort there and walked out along the peninsula, the view was so pretty and the sea was so blue! We went a bit further up the coast and stopped for a while to watch the surfers, it's so cool watching them, I would love to be able to surf. We also went to the southern most point in Europe which was pretty cool.

On another one of the days, we went to Lagos and wandered around the cobbled streets of the old town, it was so picturesque. I love places that are so different to home! Not that where I live isn't picturesque, just in a different way!

Of course, as I was on holiday with Laura, working out was involved! It was like having my very own personal trainer. It hurt but felt really good at the same time! It was also really nice to be able to work out whenever we wanted as I don't usually have that freedom at home. We ran along the beach in front of the resort, I love running bare feet along the sand. I was pretty wet by the end of it as the waves got me a few times but I loved it. I am pretty much just obsessed with beaches!

We went to visit a couple of them during my time there. One of them, in Felacia, was so pretty! It had really pretty red rocks and cliffs which made me think of Arizona. We gained a stalker while we were at that beach. Needless to say we didn't stay there for a long time! I didn't realise he was in one of our pictures until we got home and were looking at them, ha ha!

Although it was lovely to get back home to my boys, I am also so happy that I went, we had a great few days, it was so fun to have some sister time!


  1. beautiful photos! looked like such a wonderful vacation!


    1. Thanks! We really did have a lovely time! X

  2. I mean, how gorgeous is that!!!! Beautiful pictures!!

    1. The scenery was just incredible, it was lovely being there. Hope you have fun on your upcoming trip!

  3. Ah my beautiful girls. I am so pleased that you had such a wonderful time together. The photos are wonderful and the scenery superb. My wonderful son-in-law, Seth and gorgeous grandson , Caleb had a good time together so all was well.

  4. My child! It was so fun to read this, look at the photos and relive the memories of our lovely trip! I loved having you join me for a while, what fun we had. I notice you didn't mention our epic pool and card games, haha!
    I've now got itchy feet again :)

  5. Wow! Portugal looks amazing. The pictures of the resort are just absolutely breathtaking. It has a spa, which is absolutely essential for a perfect resort-vacation experience. From what I've read, it was a "fun" experience. Hahaha! Until your next adventure! Keep us posted. :)

    Eva Pacheco @ Belleza Med Spa