Tuesday, 15 April 2014

the thing that drives me mad....

There is something that I hate more than anything else, something that frustrates me so much that it can actually make me lose sleep and drive me to tears because I will get so annoyed. I'm not a violent person but it just makes me want to punch something. And what is it that makes me react this way, you ask? Losing things.

I cannot stand losing things. It literally drives me mad. The thing is, I just never understand how I can possibly lose something. Before I got married, everything had its place - I could tell you where everything was down to the place and position on a shelf. I was always so organised and so I rarely lost things. Since being married, it has got far worse. I still try to be organised but when I lived at home, I was only responsible for one small place - my bedroom. Since being married and having Caleb, I am responsible for a house and all that goes in it. Again, if it were just my own things it wouldn't be so bad, but it's Seth's and Caleb's stuff too. I just tend to ignore Seth's stuff and let him get on with it, ha ha! I think the reason things disappear (note how I phrased that? NOT the reason I lose things, I accept no responsibility whatsoever!) is that there is never enough space for all of our stuff and sometimes things just end up in random places. I don't put them in random places, I think this is more of a Seth thing and I can say that because a) he knows it's true and b) he never reads this anyway so it doesn't matter!

The recent things to go missing were some bibs of Caleb's (yes, even though he is nearly two, he is never seen without a bib on. Anyone who sees him regularly knows why. That boy can dribble for England!) and his red gap t-shirt. It's such a cute t-shirt and I love it on him. I have turned the house upside down and I can't find them anywhere! And it just makes no sense to me why things should get lost. There just never seems to be a logical explanation as to why it should happen. Shouldn't they just be in the drawer where they always are? Grrr.

The other thing I can't find is a photo album with all of the photos I had of Dad and both of us together. He died when I was 12 and I remember wanting to have all of the photos of him in one place. Which is all very well until you lose it! It was only a few weeks ago when I thought to look for it. Every Father's Day, I put the same picture of me and Dad as my profile picture on Facebook. It's not even a picture of just us either, I cropped the rest of my family out (I do love them, in case you were wondering!), so I thought that I would scan in all of the pictures I have of me and Dad so that when Father's Day comes around again, I could put a different picture up of us. It was at that point that I looked around for the photo album and couldn't find it. As far as Caleb's t-shirt is concerned, I know that only got lost in the last month because he has been wearing it recently but that photo album of me and Dad? I don't even remember where I last saw it, including before I even got married. I have a couple of bags where I keep everything of significance and it's not there, or anywhere else, it would seem. I have asked family members and they haven't seen it either.

Am I the only one who gets so annoyed about losing things? Or am I the only one who loses things so much?!! I think I will have to work out some sort of a system to stop myself from losing things in the future, for the sake of my sanity!


  1. Oh my Darling Kirsty. I know it's annoying and I know that you like everything in its place and a place for everything but........(could you sense that "but" coming ) IT IS ONLY THINGS so Please don't get upset or worried about things going missing. Somehow they will turn up when you least expect it . Love you my Kirsty xx

  2. As said by Luna Lovegood, 'Things have a way of coming back to you in ways you least expect'. Having said that, I hate losing things! Hope you find the album Xx

  3. You're not the only one, girl! I get really annoyed when I lose things, too! BAH! It drives me crazy! I'm sure it's 10X worse when you have a little one running around, too!