Thursday, 24 April 2014

Meeting Isaac

So do any other bloggers think that they have already blogged about something that happened a while ago and then when they look back on their blog they realise that they actually didn't at all? No? Just me? Okay then.

As you might know, as the beginning of February, my lovely great nephew, Isaac was born. I didn't get to go and visit as soon as I would have liked as Caleb and I both fell ill and we didn't want to go spreading our germs with a lovely newborn but at the end of February, we journeyed down to Trowbridge to see my niece, Rachel and her gorgeous new little boy.

I was really interested to see how Caleb would react to being around a new baby. He has been the baby of the family for quite some time now and he has now been ousted from his youngest member of the family" place, so I wondered how he would feel about that :). To be honest, in his one and a half year old fashion, he wasn't overly bothered by Isaac and soon lost interest, instead favouring playing with a baking tray on the kitchen floor for ages! But when he was with Isaac, he was so gentle, I was very impressed as usually he doesn't really know how to be gentle, he's a bit of a rough and tumble boy!

Isaac is absolutely beautiful! I had seen a lot of pictures of him on facebook and that Rach had sent to me. He has lovely chubby cheeks so I thought he would be quite a chunky monkey but he actually isn't, he's just inherited his Mum's cheeks! I got to hold him for ages and he fell asleep on me as well, it was so lovely! It doesn't seem that long ago that Caleb was at that stage and it's only when I hold a newborn (okay, Isaac is the only newborn I have held since Caleb) that I realise how much Caleb has grown and that my baby really isn't a baby anymore.

Rach was looking amazing and I have no idea how, I'm pretty sure that I was a complete mess for at least three months after Caleb arrived but she looked glowing, healthy and not at all sleep deprived, despite the fact that she had only had a couple of hours sleep the night before.

It's a bit surreal thinking that my niece now has her own baby as I remember so clearly when she was Caleb's age. That makes me feel really old! (seriously people, I'm not that old). I'm so glad that Caleb and I got to go and meet Isaac, he is a gorgeous new addition to the family!

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  1. Beautiful photos and Caleb looks so good watching Ieuan holding Isaac. Caleb strokes Isaac's head so gently. It seems so strange that Caleb is my grandson and Isaac is my great- grandson . Good blog my Kirsty xx

  2. Sweet, sweet baby! Oh how I'd love to have a little one fall asleep in my arms again. I miss that!! It sounds like it was a perfect trip meeting him :)
    And any time one of my friends have a baby I can't get over how good they look and how the seem to have it all together because I felt like I was falling apart for at least 2 months!! But maybe I looked put together to other people?

    1. I saw photos of you on your blog not long after you had Mia and you looked amazing :).
      It was so lovely having him fall asleep on me, I miss being able to do that with Caleb. I don't think he would take too kindly to it if I tried that now, ha ha!