Wednesday, 19 August 2015

It's a BOY!

Yes, that's right people, it's a boy. Or rather he is a boy. He, as in my son, Levi. Not a girl; a boy.

You may wonder why I feel the need to make that clear. The thing is, in the 7 months he has been alive, many people have stopped to admire him, which is lovely. I'm a proud Mum and I love it when people admire my children. However, at least once a week, people will ask me, "how old is she?", make comments like, "look at her lovely hair!" or they will say to Caleb, "what is your sister's name?" The last one is my favourite because Caleb will always put them firmly in their place by replying, "he's my brother. His name is Levi". At this point, they look at me, just to check that Caleb has actually got it right and say, "oh, is it a boy?". Well yes, yes it is!

I don't really know why people ask that. I dress him in boyish clothes and I don't think that any of his clothes are even really gender ambiguous (except maybe for one playsuit which is a Hawaiian print - it could look like a girls outfit to some so he only wears that when we're not seeing people, ha ha! It came as part of a set anyway!). On one of the occasions where someone made the boy comment, he was in blue and red and had a blue blanket. When I told them that he is a boy, they said, "oh, well you can never really tell these days, a lot of parents put their little girls in a lot of blue". I suppose she had a point and I personally like blue on girls, but if I ever had a daughter and put blue on her, I would make sure that it looked a little bit girly! Or, you know, put a bow or a hairband in or something.

I have come to a couple of conclusions as to why people may think that Levi is a girl.

1. He has a ton of thick, dark hair. Someone said to me, "you don't really expect to see baby boys with hair; that's why I thought he was a girl". It still strikes me as a little odd that people might assume that all baby girls have hair and all baby boys are bald or have very little hair.

2. He has good eyelashes. Again, I don't really see the reason behind that one either. It's much the same as the reason above.

3. He's a pretty baby! I'm not going to lie, I do think he is gorgeous and maybe he could be considered pretty, ha ha! My sister said that I should put him in for baby modelling. Seth and I were laughing and saying, what would we do if they wanted to stick him in a dress and but a flowery headband on him?! He would look beautiful, ha! To me though, he looks like a boy but maybe that's because I'm his Mum and so I would think that regardless.

4. This is the best one..... I have two children. The older one is a boy. And therefore the younger one is..... a girl? I guess there are a lot of people who would like one of each and that's great. I have friends who have one of each and don't want any more children because they always wanted a boy and a girl. But a couple of people have actually said, "oh, I saw you had a boy and for some reason I just thought your other one was a girl!". On that note, when people have realised he is a boy or they see that I have two boys, I've been asked if I was disappointed that he was a boy. Or they say that I should have tried harder for a girl. Or they ask if we were trying for a girl. Nope, we were just trying for a baby and as luck would have it, we had one!

I know that maybe it's normal for people to be asked the gender of their baby, especially if they dress them in white. I dressed Caleb in a lot of white as a newborn and people asked if he was a boy. That's fine, but I do feel like I get asked a lot more than your average person. Am I the only one who has had this or are there any other Mums out there in the same situation? If so, please tell me! I find the whole thing quite intriguing / frustrating / amusing! And apparently so does he!

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  1. Haha I love this post! I don't remember what happened with Noah much, but I had the exact same thing with Roman and Zara! Roman too has great eyelashes (although, he had no hair) people still thought he was a girl. I think you got it right when you wrote that people assume you must have one of each. I don't know. I think with Zara because she doesn't have much hair (she could do with come of Levi's!) she's mistaken as a boy, even if she's in yellow, pink, know the general girly colours! To make things worse I ALWAYS put a headband on her and I still get asked is it a boy? Er, yes, I love to put pretty pink flowers in my boys hair! I'm generally not frustrated by it, I do find it amusing, but there are occasions when I think, seriously?! Especially with Zara.

    I think you're boys are very handsome boys and they look like boys too! :)

  2. It's the curse of pretty boys. People always ask me about Isaac. WHAT?!?!!?!