Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seven months

It appears that I blinked and Levi is seven months old. The time seems to have passed by so quickly in some respects, yet in other ways it feels like he has always been a part of our family.

He is a gorgeous, cheeky little one. He has so much dark hair and he has literally had a hair cut for every month that he has been alive! I am pretty sure that if I hadn't cut it, it would be half way down his back already!

I had him weighed a couple of weeks ago and he is 16lb 9oz. When Caleb was just seven weeks older, he was only seven ounces heavier! Caleb was my skinny baby and although Levi is a lot heavier, he doesn't seem really chubby but he has a sufficient amount of squeezable chub, ha ha! I just love it! He fills out his clothes really nicely; it's such a novelty to me as everything was always slightly baggy on Caleb.

Before I had a baby, if anyone with a child had said to me that at 7 months old they could see so much personality in their child already, I would never have believed it. However now, I totally get it! Levi laughs at everything, from someone aiming to make him laugh to just looking at him! He smirks when Caleb gets told off, which I know is definitely going to make life interesting a they get older, ha ha! Or there are other times when I need to tell Caleb not to do something but Levi will then laugh so hard at whatever it was that Caleb did that it makes it hard to tell him off! I just know that those boys are going to be as thick as thieves and they will probably gang up on me a few times :).

Levi has been rolling over for a good few weeks now and manages to travel around slightly on his stomach. He hasn't quite figured out how to go from front to back yet though. He can sit up for a couple of seconds at a time but we are still working on that! He has taken to eating like a champ! I was really nervous about introducing him to solid foods. The first couple of days were difficult; he wouldn't take a spoon so I had to put the food on my finger and then put it into his mouth but he has the whole eating thing down now and will eat pretty much anything I give him, he makes it so easy for me!

A few people have got his name wrong. I didn't think Levi would be a hard one to mess up (even if you don't know the name from the bible, think jeans, people!). But people have pronounced it levy and more than one person has even called him Leroy! Fun and games!

I love this boy so much and all of the fun and laughter he adds to our family. As much as I would have kind of liked to have a baby girl, I love being a Mum of two boys!

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  1. Darling Kirsty this blog is wonderful to read . I LOVE how you describe the time spent with your beloved boys (Seth too!!) They are absolutely gorgeous. xx

  2. Oh my goodness, he is SO PERFECT! I hope my little boy is just as handsome and sweet! It will also be interesting to see how he sizes differently than Mia. She was always long, and super skinny. She's STILL small, fitting in to 12 month clothing! But I always loved it because it made her seem like my little baby even longer. And we get a TON of use out of her clothes, ha! I wonder if he will have rolls (Mia never had one) or be just the same way!
    I can't believe Levi is 7 months old! Time is cruel!!

  3. So cute, you can even see his personality in his pictures!