Saturday, 21 November 2015

Not ready to say goodbye

When Caleb was just a couple of months old, we started to use his bouncy chair for him. He loved sitting in it, playing with his toys in it, etc.

Needless to say, Levi came along and once he had outgrown his newborn baby chair he then graduated to the bouncy chair. I love them as I think they are just perfect, He sits in there to play with his toys, we feed him his meals in there (I know, we should really use the highchair but it works for all of us and so we do it anyway!), he will watch CBeebies in there and often he will drift off to sleep in there, which is always so sweet to see. This little boy is so active and it's nice to see him in his chair with his dummy and cuddling his muslin (comforter of choice for both boys!) and just having some down time.

Recently though I have thought that maybe he is getting just that bit too big for it. I have been in denial because Caleb was in it for longer but Levi is bigger. Plus, he leans right over the edge of it to reach things and he bounces so much that he looks like he is going to catapult himself right out of it.

Then this morning I came into the lounge from the kitchen and saw this:

He wasn't crying or anything, he had just flipped it somehow and was crawling along, still strapped in, dragging this along on his back! My little snail! At this point I think I finally realised, despite my denial and stalling, that he has finally outgrown the chair and we need to say goodbye to it. Being the wimp that I am, I even shed a couple of tears over it (I'm hormonal, I'd like to think that I wouldn't usually be such a wuss about it!). I do love seeing how much Levi is growing; I like seeing him working his way around the room with his commando style of crawling and just this last week he has enjoyed standing up if he is holding on to our hands as well. But putting the chair away means he isn't a baby anymore and he has outgrown it and I'm not sure I am okay with that just yet! In my head I like to think he is still my little baby and I don't mind keeping him that way, ha ha! I just have to accept the fact that my gorgeous baby boy is getting older and as much as I hate it, I kind of love it too :)
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