Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Walking the O2

On the Tuesday morning we woke up at around 7.30ish which felt like such a novelty, ha ha! You can tell we are parents, right?! We had booked to do the O2 walk that day, which is where you pretty much just walk over the top of the O2. I really didn't need to explain that at all, did I?! I had actually booked it for Seth's Birthday back in June but we hadn't had the chance to do it yet so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. It was actually raining sooo heavily but neither of us really minded that we might end up getting soaked, we thought it would be fun anyway!

We headed to North Greenwich a bit earlier than our scheduled walk time and just wandered around. I showed him the art school where I had had a job interview when we had first moved here, which is just opposite the O2 (Worst interview of my life, I was so glad I didn't get that job!). It was still raining pretty heavily and the clouds were so low that you couldn't really see that much of Canary Wharf but we were still looking forward to doing the walk! Call us crazy :).

When we went to do the walk they made us watch a safety film and then we had to wear these suits that made me feel ever so slightly like an astronaut. And also ever so slightly like a five year old child as the suit was absolutely massive on me! Once I had my safety harness on it was marginally better, ha! I couldn't really see at first why they made us wear all of the suits and equipment until we actually stood at the start line of the walk. It's actually a lot steeper than you think just looking at it from the ground! It was a bit of a leg workout going up there, I tell you! I thought it would just be steps going up and over but you're actually walking on really stiff fabric so there's some bounce on it when you walk. It was pretty slippery too and I almost lost my footing a few times so at that point I was feeling quite glad that I was connected to the wire that ran alongside the handrail!

The view from the top was.... foggy, ha! We were 52m high at this point.  It was pretty cool to be up there, even though we couldn't see that far. It was just really nice to do something a bit random and different!

Afterwards we went on the cable cars that go between the Greenwich Peninsula and the Royal Docks, we were such tourists! It was pretty cool to see the O2 from another angle having walked across the top of it.

When we got off at the other end we walked around the docks for a while before heading back over to North Greenwich for dinner at Chiquitos (I was seriously craving some Mexican food and it did not disappoint!) The virgin colada was amazing, I am a little bit obsessed with virgin cocktails, ha! I had a brownie stuffed banana for dessert - it sounded pretty random so I had to try it just to see what it was like. It was rather tasty, I must say!

After we finished stuffing our faces we went to the cinema to see The Intern. It was such a good film, I definitely recommend it.

We had such a fun, busy day and it was just so lovely to spend some child free time together, it almost felt like a mini honeymoon!
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  1. How is it, that in rain and fog, with an oversized space suit on, you both STILL look like models??????????????