Tuesday, 17 November 2015

One year older and wiser too...

I awoke the morning of my Birthday at around 9am. It. was. bliss. I can't even tell you the last time that happened. By virtue of the fact that I have mentioned getting extra sleep without the kids being here in both this post and the last one, you can probably tell that I love my sleep :). While I was in the shower, Seth carried on the Birthday tradition of going out to get me a large hot chocolate with a shot of hazelnut. He started it the first Birthday of mine that we celebrated after we were married. Luckily for me we have never lived more than ten minutes walk away from a Costa or a Caffe Nero! We also live about 5 minutes walk away from a Mercedes dealership, but he has yet to come back with one of those for me. Maybe next year, ha!

We headed into London to play, of course! We could have gone anywhere really but it's always that bit harder to do London with children what with going on the tubes, etc. so it was nice to make the most of it. We headed to Leicester Square first to get theatre tickets for the evening then we went to Covent Garden for a wander around. If you've followed my blog, you will know how much I love Covent Garden and no trip to London is complete for me without going there :). I just really love the shops and the vibe there.

I wanted to go to parts of London that I hadn't been to before, so we went to Portobello Road (is anyone else now singing the song from "Bedknobs and Broomsticks"? No? Just me? Okay then...). It's such a cool and quirky part of London with so many nice stalls and shops, I loved it and would definitely go back there again. I bought a ring there that I really loved. It was only afterwards that Seth said it looked elvish! (I'm really not a Lord of the Rings fan. I promised him a couple of years ago that we would watch all of the films together. I think I made it through one without falling asleep. I can tell you that it's about a ring though...)

We headed to Islington for dinner at Rodizio Rico. If you've not been there before and you like meat then I would recommend it. You're given cards, one side red and one side green and when you want to be served meat, you flip it to green. The waiter then comes to your table with lamb, beef, pork, chicken, chicken hearts (I didn't eat that!) and fillet steak and they just keep coming back until you flip your card to red. Seth was loving life! (he might not look like he eats a lot but he can put it away! Darn his ridiculously high metabolism! I'm so jealous, ha!).

When we were finished we went to the theatre to see "Bend it like Beckham - the Musical". Yes, random choice, I know, judge away! :). I really enjoyed it, it was such a fun musical. Seth said that it was okay, bless him but it was blatantly my choice and he was just putting up with it because it was my Birthday!

I had such a lovely day. A week before, I had made no plans at all for my Birthday. I thought that Seth would be at work so I was just going to hang out with the boys and maybe go shopping. Needless to say, my Birthday far and away exceeded my expectations!
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