Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Sometimes you just have to be one of those Mums......

Before I became a Mum, I would see people post pictures of their children all over social media and I thought it was nice and everything, but I wondered if I would be the type of Mum that would do the same. Would I think that every little expression was adorable and therefore need to post a photo of it or would I just be an occasional photo poster? Well, if you know me, you know that I fall into the category of posting photos of my boys. A lot. I guess there are a couple of reasons that I do this. One is that I have family and friends who don't live close by and who don't get to see them a lot so it is a way of me keeping them updated and seeing the boys growing, etc. The other reason is that I am just one of those Mums who thinks that their child is pretty adorable and therefore feels the need to share it with the world! :)

A couple of weeks ago, my friend Mia had arranged to take pictures of a couple of my friends' children. She is an amazing photographer and she wanted the chance to practise her skills. We too were invited along but had prior commitments so we didn't think we would be able to make it. However, when we finished up sooner than we had anticipated, we went to meet with everyone and Mia took some gorgeous pictures of my boys! I can't decide which ones I like the best, so I am going to share more than just a couple with you..... :)

This one is probably my favourite one of Caleb as it is so him, that cheeky, mischievous smile!

Caleb's expressions make me laugh so much! He's at that age where he pretty much just messes around when he sees a camera. The one with his eyebrows raised makes me smile as that is the thing he has been doing of late, my silly boy! His hair was a little bit crazy as he had bed head, I hadn't styled it as I didn't think he would be getting his photo taken that day, plus he had just come from a play date at soft play! Talking of bed head.....

I love this one of Levi as his eyes look amazing! He has the darkest eyes I think I have ever seen, they are almost black. He never had the blue eyes that most babies have when they are born, his have always been really dark. I love that you can just about make out his dimples in this picture too.

This boy's hair just keeps growing and growing! As far as his bed head goes, this isn't actually too bad but it's always a bit of a challenge to tame the beast that is his hair!  (Since having these photos done, he has had it cut and it is so much shorter! It's actually a bit shorter than I would have liked but considering how much he hates getting his hair cut and how much he screams the place down, it makes sense to go to shorter so that it is even longer until the next hair cut!) Sometimes I think that Caleb and Levi really look alike but in these photos, I think they look pretty different. Caleb definitely looks more like Seth and Levi looks more like me, especially in terms of his colouring. 

Mia then wanted to take a picture of me with the boys. I would have worn my hair down and made a bit more of an effort with my make up, had I known, ha ha! But I was really glad I had a picture with them, I never seem to have many with my boys that aren't selfies! 

We were so grateful to Mia for practising her skills on us! When the weather gets better we shall definitely be calling on her to take some nice family photos of us all :). 

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  1. Your boys are completely delightful Kir and looking at these photos it is easy to see why you had to post them!