Monday, 7 March 2016

The Corrs!!!!

How I have not already blogged about this, I will never know!

In mine and Laura's teenage years, we were hugely into the Corrs. We absolutely loved their music; Laura had all of their albums and piano books, we both had and played tin whistles and the piano, Laura played the guitar and the bodhran, we pretty much thought we were them, ha ha! We would always sing and play their music. Laura watched pretty much every television interview they ever did and we saw them perform a couple of times. When I got married in 2009, Seth and I walked out to Silver Strand, one of the Corrs instrumentals (if you haven't heard it, listen to it, it's so beautiful). We were seriously hardcore fans. You can only imagine how excited we both were when we found out that they were reuniting (well, they are siblings so I guess it's not as much a case of reuniting as performing again?!) and when we found out that they would be touring, Laura immediately bought us tickets for their concert in Liverpool.

So, a few weeks ago, Seth took the day off work so that he could look after the boys and I headed up to Liverpool for some sister time with Laura and to see the Corrs. We spent the day wandering around Liverpool, going out for lunch, then a little while later going to Area 51 in the Baltic Triangle, a really cool area in Liverpool for hot chocolates and an amazing chocolate brownie. Seriously, brownies are my achilles heel and this one was divine!

That evening we went to the Echo arena for the concert. Our seats were amazing, we were five rows from the front and we were sitting next to one of the central aisles so we had an incredible view of the stage. It was so cool to be able to see them so close up and to be able to notice every detail as they were performing. They played a real mix of all of their music, some of their older stuff along with a lot of their new music. I can't believe that the first time we saw them, I was 18 or 19 and yet they don't seem to look any older!

The concert was fantastic, we had such a wonderful time. The next day we were talking about it all and saying just how brilliant it was. It was so lovely being able to not only go to a great concert but to be there with Laura too, I wouldn't have wanted to be there with anyone else!

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