Friday, 16 March 2012

ik wil pannekoeken!

I know that I am late in writing about this, but I think that pancakes always deserve a post, so, be late I shall!

The title of this post is "I want pancakes" in Dutch. Seth served a two year mission for our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the Netherlands and he learnt to speak Dutch pretty well in that time. This is pretty much the only Dutch he has taught me. Well, he also taught me how to say "I am a beautiful woman", but when is that ever going to come in handy?! Now, we're not one of those couples who only have pancakes on Pancake Day. Fair enough, we've not had them for a good few months, but we (Seth) would quite often make them on a Sunday evening (usually at my request. Don't judge) and then we would gorge ourselves silly. They are just too tasty! In fact, I have just realised that all of our trips abroad have included pancakes for me. On our honeymoon, I remember having a nutella and banana pancake. I also had a banana and nutella pancake in Amsterdam. And when we went to Paris for my Birthday, I had a nutella and coconut pancake, which incidentally was so sickly sweet that I didn't even end up finishing it.

 I know, shock horror. It goes to show how full up I was. But anyway, I digress.....

Seth and I were both going to be busy on Shrove Tuesday so we decided to bring our Pancake Day forward and have them on the Sunday evening. I just sat taking photos while Seth did all the hard work. He makes really good pancakes! I can actually make them myself (which is in fact a skill that I acquired a few months ago - they used to be awful and just end up in a gloopy mess but now I think they are okay!) but I just let Seth be the masterchef. He does such a good job, after all. We had quite a few pancakes each, I must say! And despite me always having them with nutella whenever I have had them anywhere other than at home, when we have them at home, I'll all about the lemon and sugar. It's the best way to have homemade pancakes.

Seth was hard at work making the pancakes
While I was hard at work, taking pictures of myself..
In case you're wondering, I can actually make pancakes, Seth just makes them better!
And the delicious end result!

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  1. WONDERFUL!!! Kirsty your love of pancakes has not diminished at all. Seth what a STAR you are to make such delicious looking pancakes and from the look on Kirsty's face they were most enjoyable.