Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Me and the Manning Men (well, 3 of them)

Earlier on last week, Seth mentioned that his brother Luke would be working in London on Friday and staying at their other brother's, Mark's on Friday night so we would be going over there to hang out. It's always nice being with family so after a fairly rubbish day at work, I was quite looking forward to it. When I found out our sister-in-law, Helen wasn't going to be in, I wasn't sure whether I should go or if I should just stay at home and let the brothers have their evening together. Being as though Luke had texted Laura earlier on in the week and said that he was looking forward to seeing "Big Kirsty" on Friday, I figured that it would be okay if I still went. Incidentally, I am very much hoping that Big Kirsty is in reference to me being pregnant and not my size in general! When we got there, Luke was a bit disappointed that I wasn't actually Big Kirsty and in fact, barely even that big. The boys had some Chinese and I enjoyed sitting there listening to them talking. I love seeing the brothers together (minus James of course, as he lives in California), it's not often that they're together that much.

When they suggested watching a film, I was completely gearing up for a man film, which I was fine with. My pregnant self is usually quite tired, so I thought that if it was that bad, I'd just fall alseep anyway :). I was more than a bit surprised when we ended up watching "The Help"! I wasn't even the one who chose it! Although I have to say I was really glad that we watched it as it's a film I had wanted to see for a while. It didn't disappoint - there were laugh out loud moments and also some sad moments. I must say, I did shed a tear or two towards the end. The boys were very good and didn't mock me for it!

Unfortunately I didn't take my camera with me and I don't have a recent photo of the boys together, so here they are (plus Chris, our brother-in-law and minus James), in all their loveliness!

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