Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Mum, Laura and Westfield

While Seth has been so busy studying for his exams, I have been at a bit of a loose end. So a couple of Saturdays, Mum, Laura and I all met up at Westfield Stratford for a girls day out! Laura came down from Liverpool and Mum came down from Norwich, so it wasn't exactly a central meeting point, as I only had to travel for about an hour! Still, we had a great day out. It was like old times with the three of us being together and it reminded me a lot of our holidays together. It was a last minute thing that Laura decided to come too, but Mum and I were thrilled, needless to say!

Remember how I said that I am more than just a bit addicted to pancakes? And no, nothing to do with being pregnant, this is just how I am! Well, I don't think we had been at Westfield for more than an hour before we stopped at a creperie for something to eat! Mum and I both had the pancakes with bananas, chocolate, whipped cream and walnuts. Laura opted for the waffle instead but tried quite a lot of Mum's, I think she had food envy! She made a bit of a mess at the same time :)

Can you spot Laura's face in the top left hand corner?
Laura's nicely decorated top :)

For those of you that don't know, Westfield is a huge shopping centre and it's pretty new. There are loads of shops, so we had a fun time looking around them! We went into Mothercare as I wanted to look at travel systems. We ended up leaving pretty quickly when the sales assistant tried to do the hard sale on us with a travel system that I didn't even like so our only option was to run away!

Lunch was lovely, we went to TGI Fridays and ate way too much food. Laura had us laughing loads as she was telling us stories of people that she plays tennis with in Liverpool. Even though we were still pretty full from lunch, a couple of hours later, we went to YooMoo for frozen yoghurt. I love that place! I had the devilmoo which is my favourite - chocolate frozen yoghurt with oreos and white chocolate chips. It's not quite an oreo overload from Coldstone Creamery but it's still pretty amazing! (Coldstone is where we have gone for ice cream on most of our holidays to the States and oreo overload is my chosen ice cream. I've really been craving it since being pregnant but alas, unless I take a stateside trip, there's not a great deal I can do about that!).

We went to the Nike store so that Laura could try on running shoes. It reminded me of our childhood and our teenage years - I recall spending a lot of time just sitting there as Laura tried on lots of trainers. Times don't change! I think the most amusing thing was when she was talking to the sales assistant about the NIke air hurache, an amazing pair of trainers that we both used to have, only to realise that the sales assistant was about four when they came out. We didn't feel old at all, ha ha! I may have pushed her over while she was trying the shoes on.


At the end of it all, we went our separate ways to get our trains. We walked Mum to her platform and saw her safely on the train then we went to get our tube. It was completely empty so Laura decided to pretend to be a ninja and was having a great time of it.

She stopped once other people got on the train.We were also discussing people who try to look flirtatious in photos and said that this is something that we've never actually tried because we don't see the point and we don't know how to look flirtatious! Laura's comment was to lick your lips and bat your eyelashes. And then I tried to pout. Epic fail on both counts!

Our journey wasn't that long but I was literally crying we were laughing so much. A couple of men sat opposite us on the train and a few minutes later, Laura leaned over and whispered to me, "if we had to marry the men sitting opposite us, I win!" I had an old man who was a little bit scary and creepy sitting opposite me and Laura has a young, goodlooking chap opposite her, needless to say. She then started to look at the tube adverts. One of them said, "the woman of your dreams could be sitting under this ad". Laura commented that it was a shame that we hadn't thought to take pictures sitting underneath that one while the train was empty. We then looked above us to see which ad she was sitting under. It was one for bladder weakness and incontinence. Needless to say, that made us laugh more than somewhat! I think it was the most entertaining tube journey I have had. I think everyone around us thought we were drunk. Reading back on this, it's making me smile as I can remember it all happening but you're probably wondering why on earth we found it so amusing. Again, that's often one of the random things that happens with Lau and I - we find things that really aren't that funny absolutely hilarious! It must be a sister thing or something.

Laura walked me right up to my platform and saw me onto my train before going to get her own, even though she had a lot further to travel. It was such a lovely day out with Mum and Lau, and I love that although the three of us no longer live together or indeed, anywhere near each other, we still manage to see each other and always have a great time.

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  1. It was a FABULOUS day out with great fun and LOTS of laughter.!!! I was still thinking about it days after the event.