Thursday, 1 March 2012

Photos from Saturday with the family

I had mentioned that when we were at Lin's practising the song for Rach's wedding, some photos had been taken on Lin's camera - evidence of how hard we had been practising. Here is said evidence:

Cait and Lau posing for the camera
We were taking it very seriously. Honestly.
See? Look at how hard we were practising!

Lins and I are clearly completely unaware of what is going on with Laura and Cait here!
Yes, we are weird.

Us posing for Mum, "turn away from me girls, then look at me" (this happened on holiday ALL the time :))

Lots of singing, lots of laughing and being silly. Situation normal!

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  1. Oh you girls !!!!! Always lots of fun and laughter. We always have great fun together. Yes, I remember all the holiday photos and my excellent instructions on "posing" without posing so to speak. Wonderful times. Happy days. Love you all xxx