Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Our weekend

The first weekend of April was really great one, as it was our Church's General Conference. Twice a year, our world church leaders give talks designed to help and uplift us and I always really look forward to it.

Seth and I usually go to our church building to watch Conference as it's really nice being there with other people as well. However, our car MOT ran out as of midnight on Saturday night, meaning that we couldn't use the car (it was booked in for the Tuesday in case you're wondering!). So, for the first time, we spent Sunday at home watching conference. We still got dressed as if we were going to church to make it feel more like we're there. The talks given were absolutely amazing, so many of them were focussed on the importance of family and serving others and also on being better people in general.

In between sessions, as it was such a lovely day, Seth and I decided to have lunch outside in the garden. So while Seth was getting the garden furniture sorted out, I made the curry (yeah I know, not the typical type of food one would eat outside but why not?) and then we had our lovely lunch in the sunshine.

We stayed outside for a while afterwards, just enjoying the sun and chatting then we went back in for the next session of conference. It was such a lovely weekend for me, it was inspiring and uplifting and I got to spend some time with my wonderful husband as well. I couldn't really ask for much more!

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  1. AHH! You two are lovely! And I LOVED conference too, although I'd take a pass on the curry!x