Monday, 30 April 2012


Seth's exams finished last week and we were both obviously very happy about this! It was such a novelty just to be able to spend evenings sitting and talking or watching NCIS (yeah, that's our staple TV show!) and not feeling like Seth has to go off in any moment to study. It's a huge relief to him that they are out of the way as he has been studying so hard since Christmas, if not before, and for me, it's just lovely to have my husband back!

This last weekend, we went up to visit his family as we hadn't seen them since Christmas. We left on Saturday morning and as we were driving along the M25, we were chatting away about various things when we realised that we had missed our turning onto the M11 by a long way. We laughed about it and Seth came off at the next exit ready to turn around at the roundabout and go back the way we came. In his defence, it was a pretty big roundabout, but I was fairly hysterical with laughter when we only went half way round and ended up rejoining the motorway where we had just been driving, despite me telling him that we had just come from there but by the time he realised, it was too late. I am not joking when I say that it must have taken me about half an hour to stop laughing because every time I stopped, I would just think about it and start laughing again. We found an alternative route though and it worked out perfectly. As we were driving close to Peterborough, I looked out the window and what did I see?

This really wouldn't do much to make anyone else excited and you're probably wondering what the big deal is. So I shall explain! While Seth has been busy with exams, I have been looking into travel systems. I already knew which one I wanted so it was a matter of looking around online and in stores to see what the best prices were. The plan was that when Seth had finished his exams we would start to look around the various stores together and at some point in the not too distant future, hopefully get our travel system. I know that perhaps things like having somewhere for the baby to sleep is a bit more important, but as this would be the most expensive thing we needed to get and I didn't know how long it might take for it to be ordered and then for it to arrive, I was quite keen for us to start looking as soon as possible. Needless to say, from all of my research I was familiar with the kiddicare website and when I saw this massive store as big as an Ikea, I was very excited. Even more so when Seth suggested that we go in to have a look around. We didn't have all that much time as we were running later than we had hoped to get to his parents house so we headed straight for the travel systems. Can I just say how massive that store is? They had so many things in there that had we not been going somewhere else afterwards, I think I could have spent the day in there. The shop assistant was very helpful and when we saw that our desired travel system was cheaper there than anywhere else, we decided that we would buy it. We were even more pleased when the nice salesman gave us an extra 10% off everything, which ends up being quite a lot of money off. We were both really glad that we had gone the wrong way as it turned out rather well for us in the end!

When we got to Seth's house, his Dad was busy putting in a new fireplace in the dining room. Nick (Seth's Dad), is amazing when it comes to building and making things. He had made the fireplace surround himself. Seth was pretty eager to get his hands dirty and help his Dad with putting everything together as it is something that he is very interested in and he would love to have the time to be able to make things. Here was the end result:

Isn't it lovely?

Seth's Mum, Kay is an artist and there is an art studio in the extension part of their house (Nick now shares half of it with her as his workshop). Her paintings are beautiful and every time we go there it seems that there are new paintings on the walls. Here are a couple of her pictures:
She has painted loads of beautiful pictures and at some point, I would quite like us to have one for our home.

On Sunday after church, Seth's Granddad and his wife, Wendy came over for lunch, as did Seth's sister, Laura, her husband Michael and their children, Sapphire, Mark, Ellise and Ethan. The children all adore Seth and I'm sure he's the one responsible for getting them into trouble as he winds them up so much and gets them excited. It was really nice to be able to see them all while we were there. Sapphire and Ellise made sure they took good care of me, when we went into the lounge, Ellise put the blanket over me while Sapphire put cushions behind my back and reclined the chair for me, I felt very spoiled!
A little later on, we headed over to see Seth's Grandpa and Grandma. Unfortunately his Grandpa isn't well at all at the moment so it was lovely that we were able to go over there and spend some time with them.

It has been a lovely weekend and with Seth's exams now over with, hopefully we will have a lot more lovely weekends to spend together!


  1. Glad you're enjoying some time together now! Simon's already thinking about his next exam sitting!! Only two or three more years to go...!

  2. Aren't we lucky? We should start a revision widows support club :)