Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Weekend part 1

I love Easter. Aside from the obvious reasons of being able to celebrate the Saviour's resurrection, it's also quite nice to have a few days off work, I must say! Poor Seth was busy studying, as has been his lot for the last few months it seems. On Thursday evening, Laura came down to see us. Whenever she goes home to Norwich she travels via London and being as though we were both going to Norwich on Saturday for Rachel's hen night, we decided that Lau should come early and keep me company and then we would travel up together. Thursday night was a good one, consisting of Chinese, cupcakes, Seth not studying and The Apprentice. I love that show so much, although I still think I prefer the US version.

On Friday, Laura and I headed into London to play for the day. As we were on the train on the way in, a young guy sat next to me. I didn't really pay much attention but Laura noticed him and whispered to me that it was Matt, the winner of "So you think you can dance" (this is the boys paso doble, one of my favourite dances of the season. Matt is the one who isn't blonde and doesn't have long hair). A couple of minutes later, we were talking to him. Laura said to him that our family had spent loads of money voting for him and that we were big fans. He was very sweet and humble, which we were actually really pleased about. We didn't want him to be arrogant and horrible, having followed him on the show and thinking he was really nice. He chatted with us for a while and asked us if we danced as well. He was on his way to the BBC to do some choreography. It was really nice meeting him!

Laura and I had a pretty packed day in London - we went to Canary Wharf and London Bridge and wandered around there for a bit, then we got the tube to Holborn so that we could walk from there to Covent Garden and Neal Street. There was a bit of drama there, which could have ended up a lot worse than it was! We were on the escalator at the tube station going up. Laura was behind me and I was standing sideways talking to her. I didn't see it, but the man a couple of people in front of me fell backwards into the woman in front of me, who in turn fell backwards into me. Neither of them could get up so it was a bit of a domino effect. I was a bit worried as my immediate thoughts went to the baby. Laura was amazing and managed to catch me and take my weight, as well as the weight of the people in front of me as they hadn't managed to get up again yet. The people who were going down on the escalator next to us were just looking on in horror as there was nothing they could do and it must have looked as scary as it was for us! Everyone managed to get up again eventually and Laura hurt her arm a bit in the process, which is no wonder as she was holding up three people! When the woman who was standing behind Laura saw I was pregnant, she asked if I was okay, which was sweet of her. (when we got home later that night and told Seth the story of what happened, he asked what time it happened. When we told him it must have been just after 3, he said that he didn't know why but he had prayed for us at 3 and asked that we would be kept safe. Amazing!). We took a couple of minutes just to regain our composure and catch our breath afterwards before heading to Neal Street to get coconut milkshakes, and then to go for a walk around Covent Garden. I love Covent Garden, the atmosphere is just great and it's a great place to people watch too! From there, we walked to Leicester Square, then to Regent Street then to Oxford Street. We actually did quite a bit of walking! When we had finished there, it was around 6pm and we contemplated going home but neither os us really wanted to so we took the tube to White City so we could go to Westfield. I was wearing my "baby on board" badge and two people on the tube offered me their seats. I'm not sure if it's because they were both being generous or if they actually thought I needed two seats. I only took one of them in case you were wondering. The same man asked me if I was on television when we got off the tube, so I don't know who he was thinking of but we were amused!

We looked around Westfield for a while - it is really nice, and I think a lot nicer than the Stratford one, I prefer the shops in this one. I think we ended up getting home at just after 9. It was a busy day and we were both pretty exhausted by the time we got in, but we had a lovely day together.

To save this from being an overly long blog post, I shall post about the rest of the weekend separately!


  1. I'm really glad you're okay after the escalator incident!! :O