Thursday, 12 April 2012

Easter Weekend part 2

On Saturday, Laura and I headed up to Norwich. It was really nice being able to travel up there together, it certainly made the journey more enjoyable. Although I think I may have freaked laura out a bit when I nearly passed out at Liverpool Street station. One of the joys of pregnancy for me is low blood pressure and I get dizzy quite often. I just stand or sit somewhere until it passes, but it was enough for Laura to decide that she and Mum would drive me back home on Sunday rather than me having to take the train and bus replacement service. They are so kind! We were both pretty tired after our busy day yesterday so we were going to sleep on the train but we ended up chatting for most of the way.

Mum met us at the train station - it's always so lovely to see her! We then headed to Lin's to practise the song for Rach's wedding next Saturday. I don't know how it has come along so quickly, it's crazy! When Sam saw me and my stomach, he said that I am "really starting to get pregnant now". He's so sweet. After practising the song, we headed home for a bit (I know I haven't lived there for nearly three years now but as it was my home, I think I will probably always end up calling it home when I refer to it!) and got ready for Rach's bridal shower in the evening. We got there early to help set up - I am the master of blowing up balloons. Of course, the hand pump did help a bit. Laura is the master of dancing around to whatever is on on the radio at the time!

The bridal shower was a lot of fun and loads of people came to be there with Rachel. It was really lovely to see everyone again as I had not seen a lot of them in a while. We played various games, like seeing who could make the best wedding dress out of bin bags (our team was robbed, we so should have won!) and a Mr and Mrs type game. Lin already had the husbands' / fiance's answers to the questions and we had to try and get the answers right. Shs asked myself, Rachel, Ali and Elaine the questions. I am happy to say that I didn't lose. And we shall just leave it at that :). In my defence, I didn't do shockingly badly either and being as though Seth is so laid back and easy to please in pretty much every way, for a lot of the things like favourites of something, he didn't really have an answer, so I didn't have a great deal to work with! I did come joint second though, so I think that's acceptable!


Rach had a lovely evening and was grinning form ear to ear the entire time. I can't believe that by this time next week, she will actually be married!

On Sunday, we went to church as always. The baby seemed to be enjoying it as it was wriggling around like crazy and all of the family got to actually see it moving which was quite cool. It does look like I am possessed when I can see the baby move through my clothes but I still find it entertaining! After church, we practised the song again (our last chance singing it together before the big day!), then we headed home to have lunch, pack my things up and travel back home (this being the one I share with Seth, not Mum's home, which I also call home :)) I can't believe that Mum and Laura drove me all that way so that I wouldn't have to take the train, they are so wonderful! We had fun on the journey, singing and talking away and of course, it was lovely to have their company for an extra couple of hours! I'm already looking forward to being with everyone again next Saturday at the wedding!

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  1. It was a great weekend.!! Like Laura, I couldn't bear the thought of you travelling by train and coach to go home. The pleasure was ours in driving you home. We were able to spend more time with you and have a good few laughs on the drive, which we did in 2hours 20 minutes and we were not even rushing.!! The look on Seth's face when he saw us (especially you) was wonderful. He was obviously so pleased to see you back home safe and sound.