Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Rach and Ieuan's Wedding

Last weekend was Rachel and Ieuan's wedding. Seth and I left to head up to Norwich on Friday evening but first of all we stopped off at Mark and Helen's. Seth's brother James, his wife Natalie and their sons are over visiting from California and they were staying with Mark and Helen for a couple of days. We had a lovely time catching up and chatting and their boys are just adorable! It was the first time that we had met Ezra, their youngest, as he was born after they had moved to California, he is such a happy, smiley baby!

On Saturday morning, Mum and Laura left early to go to Lin's house to pick up Sam and take him to the church. He was an usher so he needed to be there early. Seth and I arrived at Lin's house a little while later to take Caitlin to the church. Everyone at the house was actually really calm, the bridesmaids were completely ready and looking beautiful and Rach was sitting quietly, having her make up done. Everyone seemed really chilled out, which I guess it a lot better than running around being completely stressed about it all. Caitlin looked absolutely adorable in her dress, though you could tell that she wasn't loving being all dressed up and told Seth and me on the car journey that she wanted to be a boy so she wouldn't have to wear dresses. I love that girl, she makes me laugh so much! I did an amazing job of somehow managing to find the longest route to the chapel ever and we arrived a couple of minutes before 10.30, which was when the wedding was due to start. Not that it really mattered, as Rach was still in her dressing gown when we left! I quickly took a couple of pictures of Sam and Cait before going in to sit down.

Cait when we went to pick her up.
Sam and Cait, looking adorable as ever!

Rachel arrived about 20 minutes late, which isn't actually too bad. I think I was about half an hour late for my wedding, which Seth always likes to remind me of (my entire family told him to make sure that he was at the church on time, because he really isn't punctual at all and he's never let me live it down that he was there early (as he should have been, he was the groom, after all!) and I was there really late. I maintain it wasn't my fault though - I was sitting in the wedding car for about ten minutes ,still waiting for my family members to get into their cars and leave. It wouldn't do if I arrived at the church before them now, would it?!). She looked radiant as she walked down the aisle. The wedding ceremony was lovely, the talks were great and even our song went well, much to all of our amazement! We had only practised together about three times and it was a really difficult song to learn so how it went without a hitch is completely beyond me!

After the service, everyone went outside for photos. Sam and Cait made a quick escape outside, I think they were both relieved that their parts were over with!

Here are a few pictures that I took. Everyone looked so beautiful, the bride, needless to say, looked incredible, as did the bridesmaids, and Lin was a stunning mother of the bride.
The beautiful bride
My nephew Jamie and his girlfriend, Lauren
My nephew Ben and his wife, Hollie
Laura, Sam and Caitlin (Sam was the cutest usher in the world!)
Me, Seth and bump!

My lovely nieces, Jess and Cait
The Family Carruthers

Us sisters!
Laura and Jamie posing in their aviators

Lau and I
Three generations! Grandma, Mother and Daughter
Seth keeping me warm. It was cold.
Seth and my brother in law, Steve
Rach and her bridesmaids

The reception was lovely and they had an ice cream factory for dessert, which I thought was an awesome idea! I was all about the sweet stuff that day, I may have eaten mine and Seth's wedding favours. They were mini eggs though and they have been one of my cravings. Do you like how I'm justifying eating my husband's sweets? I also bought him an easter egg and I think I've eaten about half of that but that's another story......

We went down to the temple afterwards, where Rach and Ieuan were sealed together for time and eternity. It was really amazing to be there and to see them both so happy, they are a lovely couple. When we were all outside afterwards, it took everyone a while to say goodbye to each other. Seth and I were quite lucky in that the temple is only about 40 minutes away from our house, so it didn't take us long to get home at all, compared to the others who had to travel about 2 and a half hours. It was such a wonderful day, I can't believe Rach is married now! She's a proper grown up :)


  1. I can't get my head around the proper grown up thing! I'm glad the day was so chilled and relaxed. It really was lovely! Love your photos too! xx

  2. I atemost of Seth's egg too. Well he does leave it lying about!! He didn't mind though bless him!

  3. Great day !! Everything went so well and you , Laura and Lindsay sang so beautifully. The photos are really good and you and Seth and "bump" look marvellous. The bride , of course looked absolutely stunning as dis her beautiful Maid of Honour, her sister, Jessica. Caitlin and Sam were amazing and the highlight for Sam was when he escorted his Mum down the aisle just before the bridal procession. A really memorable day.