Thursday, 11 July 2013

A lovely Sunday with my boys

Last Sunday the weather was beautiful. For anyone not in England reading this, it was 26 degrees celcius. I know you're probably laughing because it may not be all that hot for you but in England, that's pretty nice, warm weather, so after church we went to Hall Place to walk around the grounds and to just sit and enjoy the sunshine.

My family used to live in Kent, I was born here and we lived here until I was 8 and we moved to Norwich. It's kind of funny that we've ended up back down here, pretty close to where we used to live. We used to go to Hall Place as a family and I remember Mum and Dad hanging out on the picnic blanket while Laura and I would be running around, in and out of the bushes. Hall Place holds a lot of happy memories for me. Seth and I also spent the afternoon of our first wedding anniversary there so it was really nice to be back there with Caleb as well.

We walked and talked for ages while Caleb enjoyed just chatting away to himself in his pram. Seth and I don't get to really get to properly talk that much during the week, he gets home from work at around 8ish on a good day, eats dinner and then studies until we go to bed so Sundays is sacred time for us when we just get to spend it together. As it was warm, Seth thought he would help to cool me down by throwing a bottle of water over my head, he's really kind like that. Naturally, it was only right that I returned the favour! We sat under the shade of some trees while we fed Caleb and let him out of his pram to crawl around and climb over us. He loves his Daddy so much.

 Disclaimer: My hair is wet, not greasy. Thanks, Seth!

That night when we got home, the playing continued and I managed to capture some of it in this video:

I love my little family!

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  1. Oh Kirsty , This is beautiful. Happy memories indeed . Now you and Seth are making happy memories for you and your precious little son. The photos are so lovely and the video of Caleb is FANTASTIC, His laugh is so contagious. Love you three sooo much xx