Sunday, 7 July 2013

Samaroo girls

As you all know if you read my blog, Seth is busy studying as well as working at the moment and so on occasion Mum and Laura come down to visit. A few days ago was one of these times! Mum comes down quite a bit but I always love when Laura is there as well, as it's just like old times with all of us together again. We always have so much fun and it's great to catch up on everything that is going on. Well, face to face anyway, being as we talk on the phone a lot as well.

On one of these days, we went to Bluewater. I sometimes feel sorry for Caleb, having to hang out at the shops with us girls, but he loves the attention of having Mum and Lau around so I don't think he minds the shopping too much! We stopped for lunch and then afterwards, Lau suggested that we go to the Haagen Dazs restaurant for some dessert. The first time I went to one was on the Champs Elysees when I was in Paris with Seth for my 30th Birthday and then of course, Laura and I went a couple of weeks ago in London. We thought that Mum should experience the tasty delights and so we indulged once more! Caleb was in a highchair up at the table with us and he tried ice cream for the first time. He's not always the easiest baby to feed but this time he had his mouth wide open for the ice cream, he loved it!

Laura was so full afterwards that she could hardly walk, Mum and I took much delight in mocking her endlessly for it as she was laying across a bench looking slightly green. We're really kind like that.

On Saturday night, we went out for dinner to a carvery. Seth was with us this time which was lovely, I always love it when he can join us too (I am so looking forward to his exams being over for the year. Can you tell??!). Caleb entertained the whole restaurant with his cute laughter as he was playing with his bottle. If you're a parent reading this, do you ever just laugh along with your child, thinking that they are completely adorable even though no one else seems to notice? Everyone noticed Caleb, about 4 members of staff were standing close to our table and they just stopped to watch him and laugh along with him for about ten minutes, it was lovely.

Mum and Lau both went home on the Sunday. I never like saying goodbye to them as we always have such a lovely time when they are here but at least I get to see them again in a couple of weeks when we go up to Norwich. I'm looking forward to that already!

(Oh, by the way, if you were wondering about the title of the post, Samaroo is my maiden name.)

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  1. That was a fantastic weekend Kirsty. I ate too much the whole weekend though. ( I decided to wear the outfit for Church today that I wore at Rachel and Ieuans wedding and the zip wouldn't even meet let alone do up !!!!) My darling Caleb is ABSOLUTELY adorable and his laugh is infectious. No wonder they all loved him in the restaurant.xx