Monday, 15 July 2013

Caleb's first trip to the beach

Last Saturday was brilliant for two reasons. The weather was hot and sunny, and Seth didn't have to spend the day revising / studying. So, after no deliberation at all, we decided that we would head to the beach. It was the perfect day to go there and many others thought so too as it was crowded! However, we managed to find somewhere to set up camp pretty easily. Seth was a lot braver than me and actually swam in the sea (yes it was a hot day but the temperature of the water really did not reflect this!!). I only went in up to my thighs but I thought that was a pretty good effort! We took it in turns to take Caleb down to the water so that he could dip his toes in and feel the squelchy sand underneath his little feet.

His reaction was brilliant. In that there was no reaction at all. Nothing whatsoever. He didn't smile, he didn't laugh or cry, his face was completely deadpan while we were trying to get some sort of a reaction out of him. We were pretty amused by it though! He felt the same way when he was touching the dry sand as well, I don't think he had any idea what to make of it at all. I think this just means that we need to make more trips to the beach when the weather is nice so that he can get used to it!

When it came to him playing with his Mummy and Daddy, he was more than happy and he was laughing and smiling away as he climbed all over us.

I think the sea air and the new experience of the beach tired Caleb out as he slept the whole journey home. It was a perfect day.

This has nothing to do with the beach at all, but a couple of days later I took this photo of Caleb, staring out of the window while I was trying to feed him his dinner. It's too beautiful a picture of him for me not to share it!


  1. Beautiful photos of a beautiful family. Gorgeous photo of Caleb . What a handsome precious boy he is. His parents don't look too bad either !!!!! xx

  2. Oh I LOVE it! Mia didn't really react to the beach either! Silly babes :)
    I can't get over how HANDSOME Caleb is. I guess if he ever wanted to marry Mia... I wouldn't be too disappointed ;)